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Hey guys!

No graphics post this time but I do come with goodies. You've all probably noticed that zeskimo has been quite quiet lately, partly because I lost my photoshop and partly because I've simply been too busy to make the kind of icon posts that I enjoy making. I'm hoping I'll get something done soon, though, 'cause I finally got it back, yay! :)

However, if you're interested to see my random graphics, check out my tumblr (my current fandom blog, that is) -->

(and/or check the tag MY GRAPHICS)
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Request fulfilled, finally! It was originally made by vaarna (request here) ages ago and I'm really sorry it took me this long! For the first month I just couldn't get the coloring right and for the next few, I totally forgot the whole show O____o

Oh and, all you lovely people, remember to check out vaarna's NIKITA icons @ tahraton_mieli :) They're pretty awesome, so.


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ICONS: band; HIM & celebrities; n. portman, w. miller, j. padalecki, j. ackles/j. alba

The numbers might be off. I can't count.
Also, old batch from charming_syrai :)

01-17 :: HIM (Right Here in My Arms music video)
18-37 :: Natalie Portman
38-44 :: Wentworth Miller (and Dominic Purcell)
45-57 :: Jared Padalecki (and Jensen Ackles)
58-69 :: Jensen Ackles/Jessica Alba (Dark Angel)

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